YouTube Views Bot – Increase YouTube views, likes, subs, comments using QniTubeAction (LDPlayer Version)


Increase YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers and Comments

Run with multiple Android Emulator (LDPlayers)

Rank keywords for your YouTube videos with “Views from Search”

Run multi-threads to increase view, like, sub…very fast

Support using Proxies to increase the quality of views

Manually control multiple LDPlayers and auto solve captcha

Verify Gmail accounts automatically in needed cases

Support many view methods: Direct, Search, Playlist, Homepage


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Multi-thread application helps increase speed & performance

Update frequently to fix bugs and to add new features.

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How many devices can a license key of QniTubeAction (LDPlayer) be set on?

Each license key can be used on 2 computers. If you need to change to another device, you can do reset the license by yourself on the site every 3 days.

What can the Youtube views bot do?

Youtube views bot runs in the background and automates various tasks: increasing Youtube views, adding Youtube subscribers and likes, comments, etc.

How many subscribers and likes can I gain in a day?

No limit from the Youtube views bot. It is from the number of your accounts and IPs. Also it depends on the configuration of your PC, the number of threads that your PC can open are equal to the number of subscribers or likes you can gain.

Is Youtube views bot safe for Youtube monetization?

Absolutely, the software is one of the free Youtube marketing tools that facilitates you to simulate real behaviours in accordance with Youtube’s terms.

Does using comment function help to increase views?

Sure, once your video has a lot of comments, then it will attract the attention of many audiences to your youtube channel and helps get more view counts as well as increase the watching time of your videos.

Does Qnitubeaction (LDPlayer) also works for live streams?

Sure, our Youtube views bot is available with your live. You need to add live video links to run with Direct method. See details here 

Does adding too many comments affect the ranking of the video?

You had better use a variety of content to add comments, avoiding duplicate text.

How many views the Youtube views bot can add daily?

Depending on how strong your computer is and the number of proxies and gmail accounts, you will be able to set the appropriate number of threads. Besides, Youtube views bot with LDPLayer version cannot run on VPN/VPS. Please remember this note to use the bot more efficiently.

What is the most effective way to run this LDPlayer bot?

You should use multiple gmail accounts and different IPs to run the tool, especially just use a single gmail to add max 4 views on the same video every 24 hours.

What kind of proxies should we run for Youtube views bot?

You can use any type of proxies to increase Youtube views. However, a Youtube proxy is the best option to get the highest performance.

Should I use Private Proxies to increase Youtube views?

Private Proxies are not recommended for Qnitubeaction (LDPlayer), as you will not get a high number of views from the static or private proxies.

How many Gmail accounts do I need for 10,000 Youtube video views one day?

You need at least 2500 accounts to reach 10,000 views per day. The Youtube bot will automatically change the accounts and IPs to create more good views.

Is it necessary to make money with YouTube Like metric?

Absolutely, you are able to add thousands of likes to prove that your content is highly appreciated in the community and attract more viewers.

Where do I buy Gmail accounts?

We offer gmail cookies to increase Youtube views. You can see how to rent gmail cookies for more details.

Should I add Youtube views without gmail accounts?

Sure, you can add views without gmail using our Youtube view bot. However, you are recommended to use multiple accounts to make your channel more trustworthy and avoid view drops.

Can I get refund if the Qnitubeaction is not working properly?

Sorry, please read carefully our Terms of service before purchasing the tool. Any claims upon referring to our terms shall not be valid.


January 25, 2024
View method: Channel
January 12, 2024
Verify phone for Gmail accounts
January 1, 2024
Software release
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